aequus1 is the original vision for the recording entity created by Cousin Joe who writes, records and mixes all of the music and lyrics as well as the artwork and design for all web presences. But the full sound for the 1st album wasn't realized until the addition of Sonia's vocals and Stevie D's drumming. 
    After a feature review of the debut CD "retro" in Progression Magazine in Feb 2014, aequus1 was honored to be the featured artist on Q102 Springfield's ":15min of Fame" in June of that year. The debut album and subsequent "CLUBMIXES" have now been played in over 100 countries, as well as all 50 states.
     Who are these people?   
     Sonia came to the US on a student visa from Poland in 2006 with one suitcase and no plans to stay...but you can't fight what fate has in store for you which sometimes includes a new homeland.... Before she could speak, she would sit on her dad's huge speakers and jam to bands like Joy Division and Dire Straits. She picked up a guitar at 14 and spent hours every day trying to learn how to play. She joined the singer-songwriter band "Erymo" at nineteen and toured with them all over Poland as well as Eastern and Central Europe. She continues to write and perform her original acoustic music. Inspired by bands as diverse as Tool, Radiohead, Bjork, Tori Amos, Audioslave, Anathema and The Gathering, she now forces these influences on her small children. 
      Stevie D began playing drums as a result of too much Motown on the Chicago northside neighborhood he grew up in. After buying a second vintage jazz drum kit, he combined them and was compelled to play bigger and badder. Thus began the trip through every variety of metal and fusion leading to the unique and articulate method he employs today. Tenures in as many bands as he could find to play with (simultaneously!) led to stints and records with Permagrin, a fixture on the Chicago scene in the nineties. Hundreds of live shows in every style of music were now the foundation of "retro"s sound. Enjoy.
       Cousin Joe has been in the music business for...ever. He began by playing to 1500 people a week in church at the age of 11. An electrical engineer and technician, he co-owned and operated Midwest Music Menders for 10 years (still an authorized tech for ~100 manufacturers) while doing studio sessions and guesting at gigs. 12,000 repairs and music industry friends later he moved from his native Chicago to the hotbed of U.S. rock...Branson,MO. Building a studio and secret lair; he wrote, produced, recorded, and performed all the instruments except drums and lead vocals for the debut album "aequus1:retro" and most everything for the follow-up "aequus1:modo". He has performed with Stevie D, Tommy Lemke and Julien Freid since the garage days. A solo acoustic guitar career is producing a CD and monthly live performances. He also builds his own custom effect boxes under the name Vintage Flavor, for a demo visit
       Imagine the luck, no...karma of finding someone as original and talented as Sonia on Craigslist! aequus1 is always ready to unleash this totally original yet familiar music on an unsuspecting(?) world. Have a taste and let us know what you think. As always.....THANKS FOR LISTENING!